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Rustic Smoke | Room Spray

Rustic Smoke | Room Spray

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Fragrance notes

Vanilla, Lavender, Smokey, Woodsy, Musk

Additional info

H: 5.6.", W: 1.75"

8oz wt. / 4oz Nt WT

Instructions for use


Test in a small area first.

Perfect for room and linen use.

Apply 8" - 12" from surface.

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Rustic Smoke | Room Spray

A rugged room spray tailored for the modern man. Experience the bold essence of rich vanilla and soothing lavender, seamlessly blended with a hint of smokiness that adds depth and character.

Crafted with a masculine touch, this scent features robust woody notes that exude strength and confidence. Enhanced by a subtle musk undertone,  leaves a lasting impression of sophistication and allure. Transform any space into a haven of masculine elegance.